Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Beginning of It All

We are beginning a summer series in Genesis 1-3 entitled, "The Beginning of It All". It's amazing to see in God's word the key themes of His glory, his covenant with man, the fall & redemption in Christ all appear in the first three chapters of the bible. We are excited to see what God will do through this series. Come visit us or check out the messages as they appear on the website.

Message for June 4th
"In the Beginning, God..." Genesis 1:1

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Gospel Centered Everything

We just recently finished a 20 month series from 1 Corinthians . Wow, what a book! Paul does a masterful job of answering the Corinthians varied questions and crises all from a gospel centered perspective. David Garland says the following about this:

“The cross, its wisdom or its effect, is also pivotal in every issue except the one concerning headdress. It is central to his discussion of factions (1:18-31, 4:8-13) but also appears in his discussion of incest (5:7-8), lawsuits (6:7), sexual immorality (6:20), marriage (7:23), idol meat (8:11), the Lords supper (11:26), spiritual gifts (13:1-13), and the resurrection (15:3). [1]

In light of the all pervasive influence of Jesus as Savior and Lord, how are we experiencing the message of the gospel? How is it functioning in our lives? How is the truth of Jesus as Savior and Lord impacting us in the nitty gritty of life? 1 Corinthians clearly leaves us with the impression that there is no question or concern where the good news of Jesus as Savior and Lord does not speak.

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[1] David E. Garland, 1 Corinthians, BECNT, Baker Academic, MI, USA, 2003, p. 17