Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Entitlement & Misery

I am not a morning person - at least not for the first 30 minutes or so. It seems like indwelling sin is awake as soon as the alarm goes off but my new nature is still sleeping until a half-hour has passed. It was this way this morning.

I was "down" and just not too happy about life. As I drove to breakfast to meet with my good friend Jeff I sensed the Spirit of God addressing me. It went something like this -

"Why are you unhappy?"
I guess because I want something and I don't have it.
"Do you deserve ______?"
"What do you deserve?"
Nothing. Well, worse - hell that is.
"What do you have?"
Jesus. Forgiveness, eternal life with God, his sovereign care over my life, a relationship with the most excellent being ever. ..... Oh how quickly I forget this. ..... Thank you God for what I have! Now I am happy!

I feel so much better!

I so often experience these struggles and so often need the reminder of the gospel.

I call this my entitlement attitude.

The gospel kills it and that's a good thing. May you be happy today not in having _____. But in having what you don't deserve, Jesus! May your entitlement attitude perish and gospel-centered gratitude prevail!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The End of the Beginning of It All

Wow - sorry for the 4 month hiatus from the blog. It is hard to find the time amidst the many time consuming blessings of walking with God, being a husband, dad, pastor and friend.

Anyhow, here we go.

We just ended a series from Genesis entitled, "The Beginning of It All". Wow a wonderful time it has been. I trust God has blessed others as much as I have been blessed studying this book. We so need the book of Genesis. In it we find, in story form, the following key truths:

1. The origin and therefore the purpose of all creation - God! (Genesis 1:1)
2. The purpose and uniqueness of mankind - imaging God. (Genesis 1:26-2:25)
3. The importance of resting in God's finished work - the Sabbath. (Gen. 2:1-3)
4. The original and future realm of man & woman - in the royal garden paradise with God. (Gen. 2:4-25)
5. The God given blessing of gender roles - manhood & womanhood . (Gen. 1-3.)
6. Our unique God given role - to work with & for God. (Gen. 1-3)
7. The tragedy of life apart from God - sin. (Gen. 3:1-20)
8. God's amazing promise - gracious & sovereign redemption. (Gen. 3:1-24)

This book is so much more than children's bible stories - it sets the themes for the entire rest of the bible. How rich the word of God is and how wise its Author!!

Spend some time in Genesis 1-3 and enjoy its riches!


p.s. You can access the audio files from this series at