Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Although the long winters can be hard at times here in New England, we get to experience the full range of seasons - long springs, warm summers, gorgeous falls and snow-covered winters. Usually around this time we have some snow. The past few weeks have been more like Florida than New England - temps as high as 60 F!

Lord willing we will get some beautiful snow for Christmas. Freshly fallen snow is one of the more beautiful sights in God's creation - so pure and bright - a picture of the perfect and complete righteousness of Christ imputed to repentant sinners by faith! (Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 51:7, Mark 9:3, Romans 5:18-21, 13:14, Revelation 3:5, 18)

Thank God for snow! May you enjoy a white Christmas and be reminded of One whose life and death make us whiter than snow!

God Bless, Paul

(this is a pict of our backyard last winter.)

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