Thursday, April 19, 2007

Grieving, Praying & Remembering

The tragedy of the VT massacre hits home for every American. We are each left with a hollow feeling in our gut and a torrent of confusion in our mind. Add to this the media deluge and the plethora of talking heads all trying to analyze, understand and learn from this tragedy. And then throw it all into the frenetic activism of a society that thinks it can somehow create a perfect world where troubled youths don’t become psychopaths and every kid is safe from evil and you end up with this tempest of national angst.

What are we to do amidst all this?

Here are a three suggestions:

1. Grieve, weep and mourn with those who mourn, without trying to bring trite or Pollyanna answers to people deeply affected by this tragedy. (See John Piper’s apropos comments from 911 here. )

2. Pray for the families affected and the VT community. (See Tim Challies listing of prayer requests from pastors on site here, see a list of the victims here and pray for their families and friends.)

3. Remember
a. Remember that the world we live in is fallen, peopled by fallen human beings who are capable, at times, of great evil and not inherently worthy of a life free from tragedy and death. (See John Piper’s thoughts here.)
b. Remember that God came as a man amidst all this evil to rescue us from ourselves and our society and Satan – the three sources of evil. (See Al Mohler’s thoughts here.)
c. Remember that God is in control and short of the return of his Son, he does not guarantee us safety but ultimate salvation. (Listen to an excellent message from CJ Mahaney on this here.)

May God bless you and use you as you grieve, pray and remember truth.


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