Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Wine of Joy in Jesus

We are looking at Jesus' miracle at Cana of turning water into wine this Sunday. It made me think of the wonderful inheritance we have in him. All who belong to Christ partake of the wine of joy he supplies! Check out Sarah Edwards account of such joy during a wonderful season in her life. Remember, right now it is even better for Sarah than she experienced during that time! The same and better is in store for all of us in Christ! See you at the great wedding feast!

"The word of one of Mr. Watt's Hosannas powerfully affected me; and in the course of the conversation, I uttered them as the real language of my heart with great earnestness and emotion. 'Hosanna to King David's Son, Who reigns on a superior throne.' And while I was uttering the words, my mind was so deeply impressed with the love of Christ and a sense of His immediate presence that I could with difficulty refrain from rising from my seat and leaping for joy. I continued to enjoy this intense and lively and refreshing sense of divine things, accompanied with strong emotions for nearly an hour; after which, I experienced a delightful calm and peace and rest in God until I retired for the night; and during the night, both waking and sleeping, I had joyful views of divine things, and a complacent rest of soul in God. " [1]

[1] excerpt from Dwight, Sereno. The Works of President Edwards: With a Memoir of His Life. Vol. I. New York: G. & C. & H. Carvill. 1830. 171-186. also see "Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of Britain and America" by David Francis Bacon, p. 313 available at google books.

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