Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to Preach and How Not to Preach

Justin Taylor has an excellent post featuring Matt Chandler on how to wisely approach preaching about key topics as a pastor. Check out the video clip.

HT: Justin Taylor


Steve said...

Have you seen the blogs about your group:



They certainly share another side of your group.

pfbuckley@gmail.com said...

I have seen those blogs. Thankfully, I have not seen anything in SGM that would cause me to think it was a cult or damaging to believers. I have a fairly broad exposure to Christendom so I think I am fairly unbiased. This does not mean that there has not been abuse in some way at any church, just that I have not seen such abuse and would certainly want to address it if I did.
If you have anything you want to communicate or ask me about I would love to talk. You can call me at our church phone or email. We practice an open door policy as a church so I would be completely comfortable fielding any questions you might have.
God Bless, Paul

Steve said...


Thanks for your response.

I hope you have seen Noel's story on SGM Survivors. That is a sad story of a 3 year old girl being molested and how poorly the pastors in the Faifax SGM Church handled the situation. Very sad.

I would also encourage you to get in touch with Jim who is the owner of the SGMRefuge.com blog. I am sure he would be happy to talk with you on the phone.


pfbuckley@gmail.com said...


I have read that story. I'm sure it was horrible for the family and all those involved.

I trust if there is any correction and forgiveness that the family and all those directly involved need to address they will practice the key guidelines of Matthew 18.

Thankfully there are many reliable mediation organizations and Christian leaders who are able to assist in these type of situations.

I am not sure that blogs are a helpful venue for the resolution of such an intense, personal and heart-wrenching tragedy.

Sorry I have been hard to reach by phone - we have been relocating and I am at a course this week.

Maybe we can connect next week some time.

God Bless,

Steve said...


Here is an account of the molested girls parents recent meeting with the leadership of the Fairfax Church:


If you read the post the meeting didn't go that well.

You mention taking a Mathew 18 approach vs. items being shared on these blogs. Apparently you haven't done much reading of these blogs. If you did then you would see that this approach was tried. Usually the pastors rather than address the members concern would turn the tables and indicate there was some type of issue with the member causing them to bring up this issue.

You also mention reconciliation services such as Peacemakers. Realize that in Jim's case (the one who started the sgmrefuge.com blog) that the leadership of the FL SGM Church he was in refused to bring them in for this. There is also one case at CLC where CLC leadership refused to follow the recommendations of Peacemakers.

Thus some of your recommendations might sound good in theory they haven't shown to work in application at SGM.

pfbuckley@gmail.com said...


I will be praying for final and full resolution of this very heated conflict. May the interests of Christ be first in everyone's heart. May God bring reconciliation and healing.

I would be glad to continue to discuss issues that are more directly related to our local church. I will not be able to continue a conversation about issues that I have no or little involvement. Certainly it grieves me to read of the terrible things mentioned but I am not in a position to do much more than pray.

I hope you understand. Please feel free to call to speak about issues that I can more readily address.