Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Theology of John's Gospels and Letters

This week I am attending a class at the Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College. I just finished the first day with about 50 pastors and students from around the country. The class is entitled "The Theology of John's Gospels and Letters" and is being given by Andreas Köstenberger (pronounced like Kerstenberger.)

I have read a few things by Dr. Köstenberger including, Salvation to the Ends of the Earth and the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel of John. Everything I have read by Dr. Köstenberger has been fantastic and this class is no dissapointment.

This material is based on Dr. Köstenberger's work for a new book coming out in the next year on the biblical theology of the gospel and letters of John.

Day 1 has been very rewarding! Some things that have struck me so far:
1. Dr. Köstenberger's thoughtful work in probing the historical, literary and theological aspects of John is producing another great work that will serve believers and deepen our wonder and worship of our amazing God revealed through the glorious second person of the Trinity as portrayed in the Gospel of John!
2. Dr. Köstenberger's love for his Savior.
3. His commitment to a very high view of God's word.
4. His respect and appreciation for his wife.
5. Dr. Köstenberger's genuine humility. He is gracious when reviewing contrary opinions and very open to input. It is kinda funny when he actually invites our comments. (Don't worry, I know enough to keep my mouth shut.)

I'll try to take some time at the end of the week to summarize all that I am receiving in this class.

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