Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Parenting Teens

I don't know about you but Peg and I continue to learn and be stretched by God as we seek to parent our teens.

The teen years are often a struggle for parents as they find themselves overwhelmed with the struggles of their teens and their own hearts. Our teens say and act in ways that disappoint and shock us. They disrupt our plans for a blissful harmonious home life. They question their faith. They bicker with one another. They complain. We try gentle counsel, we try scolding, we try lecturing, we pray like crazy - we agonize, we cry, we plead, we despair. Sometimes we wish they were little still and we could just discipline them and be done with it. But it isn't that simple....

You see, God has other plans in mind for our children and for us!

Paul Tripp opens up this truth in his excellent book, "Age of Opportunity" . He lifts us up out of the slough of despond and gives us a God's-eye view of parenting teens. This book will transform how you understand and practice parenting of teens. This book will transform how you understand and practice life! We need the fresh biblical perspective brought by Paul Tripp if we and our children are to survive and thrive through and beyond the teen years. Read this book and reread this book!

Check out the video below as a sample of what you will get from Dr. Tripp and then get a copy of the book in your hands and prayerfully read it. It will change your life!

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