Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jonathan Mark Update

Jonathan was moved to Merrimack Valley Hospice House today. It was the first hospice house available and very much a blessing. We see God’s kindness and care in this transition.

The house is located at 360 North Ave. in Haverhill around the corner from a number of King of Grace Church members. You can read more about it here. The facilities resemble a resort/retreat house and should really serve Jonathan & Julianne and those who wish to visit and spend time with Jonathan. There is ample space in the café and family reception area to relax and spend time together with one another without overwhelming Jonathan or Julianne. The room itself is spacious and comfortable with a queen size open-up for Julianne.

Thanks so much for all your care and prayers for our dear friend. He is doing relatively well as the effects of cancer seem to increase. He is still very weak and thin and only speaking a few words or so at a time. His mind is still pretty sharp – he seems to be able to keep track of what’s going on and has often asked about phone conversations and comments he has overheard as he lies in bed.

Please pray for Jonathan’s likely transition to his true eternal home. He has communicated that he feels the peace of God. Please pray he can continue to trust and rest in his Savior and King. Please also pray for Julianne as she faces this difficult loss. Julianne is doing very well considering all that is happening. Jonathan and Julianne’s extended family has been a wonderful support. Please pray for them as they seek to cope with all this.

Thanks for all your help. Please feel free to reply via email or phone if you have any questions or thoughts. I know they would love to see many of their beloved family members and dear friends so we will have to try manage the flow of folks and keep it somewhat quiet in the room.

With gratitude, for Jonathan and Julianne,


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