Thursday, July 02, 2009

Why All The Rain?

Well, we can answer that on many fronts - from God's providence to the water cycle etc. But, in terms of meteorology - the strength of the Bermuda High and the Icelandic low seem to control whether we have a stormy or sunny pattern. Usually in the winter we have a weak Bermuda high and a weak Icelandic low and thus lots of storms and in the summer we get a strong Bermuda high and Icelandic low leading to sunny weather. (Check out the graphic.)

Currently, we are in a more winter-like part of the North Atlantic Oscillation so we have lots of cold, wet weather. Lord willing we will break into the summer pattern as the summer sun does it work.

A few things to do amidst the two months of cloudy rainy days:
  1. Remember the sun has shone and the sun will shine according to God's kind providence to us - so we can wait for the coming sunny days.
  2. Don't allow the current weather to define our sense of well-being - there is something far more glorious than the weather to do that - God's glory in Christ revealed to and in us!
  3. Thank God that he is the source of all good things and don't take his blessings (including sunny days) for granted.
  4. Fill our days with thanksgiving for these untold blessings instead of complaining about the weather.
  5. Share with others why you are thankful.

Hope that helps!

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