Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peter Hitchens, “The Rage Against God”

Peter Hitchens, the theistic brother of renowned atheist, Christopher Hitchens has written a book about his journey to Christianity, "The Rage Against God", available May 1 from Zondervan. Wikipedia has this on the new book:
"Peter Hitchens argues in his book that his brother's verdict on religion is misguided, and that faith in God is both a safeguard against the collapse of civilisation into moral chaos and the best antidote to the dangerous idea of earthly perfection through utopianism."
Here's a preview:

HT: Doug Wilson, Justin Taylor


Canterbury Atheists said...

Bloody hell – he speaks exactly the same as his brother! In fact Peter looks remarkably like Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at The Hitchens Family get-togethers!

Can’t see myself getting his book-out from the library though – I’m more a non-fiction reader myself.

Have a good-one.

Paul. said...

Paul - great sense of humor, terrible sense of proportion and logic from what I can tell. Have a good one!

JIBBS said...

Paul, thanks proving Peter's points about the nature of atheism.

Zachary said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your blog and saw that you were reading the Spirit of the Discipline by Willard. I am curious to your thoughts about the book. I too am seeking more of Christ with each day and each breathe.