Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Some New England Phrases

I love how New Englanders speak. There are so many unique phrases that are endearing. Due perhaps to television and other media the New England dialect is morphing into something sounding more like the Midwest or Southwest dialect. But for now, here are some phrases to enjoy, some taken from the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English by Adam Gaffin.
  • "So don't I" - A negative positive, usually said elsewhere as "So do I." 
  • "Ghoulsticka" - somebody who stays close to home base in a game of Hide-And-Go-Seek. 
  • "Ollie Ollie In Come Free" - what the ghoulsticka says when he beats the seeker to the ghouls.
  • "Light dawns ova Mahblehead" - an epiphany of an obvious truth.
  • "No-Suh"...."Yes-Suh" - What is said in an argument after nothing else works.
  • "Wicked Good" - extremely good but better.
  • "I hosie that chair" - that chair is mine because I spoke first.
  • "Down Cellah" - located in the basement.
Do you know any other "New England-isms"?

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