Tuesday, December 03, 2013

99 Reasons for Faith - #94: The Christmas Story

It's been far too long since my last post on 99 Reasons for Faith. Nevertheless, I press on to list 99 reasons knowing that there are far more...today's reason: The Christmas Story.

The Christmas story is an introduction to a fantastic epic story that is compelling in its content, unfolding and implications. Think about it - all of humanity is imprisoned by a lethal and nefarious infection that brings depravity, death and darkness. A compassionate and wise supreme being condescends from infinite perfection to take on humanity as an essential part of his identity. He subjects himself to all the tedium and hardship of human life, fulfills all the ideals expected from mankind, demonstrates his divinity through his life, miracles and teaching and  offers this common and unique life up in sacrifice, all as the final cure for the destructive plague and all its effects. And then three days later, he rises from death to eternal life as the prototype for a new humanity. Pretty epic stuff. 

And the introduction of the story, the Christmas story, is intriguing just by itself – a visit by an angel, a virgin with child, a birth in a barn, worship by an army of spiritual beings, a promise of a the Savior for all, a grand announcement to mere working class common people first not last, a visit from foreign astrologer-nobles, a murderous king, a flight to Egypt and so on… It certainly makes for good reading, countless Christmas pageants and innumerable re-tellings throughout the past two millennia.

I think the gravity of this story, both in its literary weight and its historical implications, is a legitimate reason for faith. Yes, a good story isn’t necessarily a true story. But true and epic stories are often good stories. Wouldn't it be likely that the truest and most epic story be the best story?

Something to consider this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

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