Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cotton Mather

I have been reading Richard Lovelace's book on Cotton Mather. It has been fantastic. For all of Cotton Mather's failings, frailties and folly he is still a great man of biblical truth, piety, wisdom and compassion. I would be glad to have such a man as my pastor! I'll be weaving in some quotes in the blog. One for now...
"Among all the subjects, with which you feed the people of God, I beseech you, let not the true Bread of Life be forgotten; but exhibit as much as you can of a Glorious Christ unto them: Yea; let the motto upon your whole ministry be, CHRIST IS ALL. ... I make no doubt of it, that the almost epidemical extinction of true Christianity, or what is little short of it, in the nations that profess it, is very much owing to the inexcusable impiety of overlooking a glorious Christ, so much in the empty harangues, which often pass for sermons." - Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather, Manaductio, 93-94 from Richard Lovelace, The American Pietism of Cotton Mather: Origins of American Evangelicalism, Eerdmans, 1979, 46-47

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