Friday, September 03, 2010

Should We Emphasize The Cross vs. the Resurrection?

Please take some time to read these excellent posts by Jeff Purswell, dean of Sovereign Grace Ministries Pastors College. Here's an index to the questions and Jeff's answers:
  1. Will focusing on the cross lead us to neglect the resurrection?
  2. Why focus on a crucified Savior when we serve a living Christ?
  3. Will a cross-focus lead us to be more aware of our sin than of our new life in Christ?
  4. Doesn’t the book of Acts stress the resurrection more than the cross?
  5. Will paying so much attention to the atonement lead us to make too much of the cross?

You can read all the posts in a PDF document here.

Reproduced from Tony Reinke's post.

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Unknown said...

Good post! Just this last Sunday I preached the same message in 1 Cor 15, though not identical in every way, that I preached at King of Grace so this blog post is timely indeed and a blessing.