Monday, September 16, 2013

99 Reasons for Faith - #97: Our dog, Daisy

Yep, that's what I said, our dog, Daisy. 

We had to put Daisy to sleep this past Saturday. On Sunday, Peg and I and our four adult children gathered around her grave to give thanks to God for our beloved friend.

She had been getting progressively worse from an abdominal tumor and then suffered a serious stroke on Saturday. She basked in all the attention she received as we consoled her in her suffering. She went peacefully while we petted her, kissed her and told her she was the best dog ever.

She had been with us since a puppy. After moving four times in two years we had prayed for a dog to enjoy and mark the start of a new season of finally settling down in one place we could call home. We couldn't afford much but we received a gift from a friend and met someone who had a litter of champion Golden pups for sale. We met Daisy and immediately fell in love with our new family member. We believe God arranged to give us Daisy as a gift. 

I have to believe God arranged to give mankind dogs as a gift. Who would think an otherwise wild animal could ever be such a part of the family? How good for our hearts to have a furry friend that is always happy to see us, always eager to spend time with us, always there to console, ever loyal and protective. Dogs are a gift from God and evidence of His existence and goodness.

And Daisy was the best dog we ever had. We thanked God for this as we stood around her grave on Sunday. We will miss her much but always remember her as God's good gift to us.

So, reason #97: Our dog, Daisy.

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