Friday, September 13, 2013

99 Reasons for Faith - #99: Because I find life very empty without God.

I have been thinking for a while to post on the various reasons for faith. This has been prompted by realizing that many people think that faith is unreasonable or that their reasoning process is not about faith. While I believe that faith is more then mere reason it is very tied to reason.  Faith in something that is true should demonstrate many reasonable evidences and foundations. Reason itself must begin with faith because it is based on numerous presuppositions that are ultimately taken on faith because they can not be proven beyond any possible doubt. I hope that all makes sense. As we go I will have more opportunity to talk about this very important topic of reasons for faith.

I will go from number 99 down to 1 generally increasing in importance of the reason. For today, reason #99, Because I find life very empty without God.

This may seem like an entirely subjective reason for faith in God, but it isn't. Certainly it is very subjective, but it is also very reasonable and logical. The reasons I feel life is empty without God have to to with the emptiness of pretty much every thought process and experience without some solid ground to stand upon. Everything from astrophysics to eating ice cream is much more reasonable and enjoyable when there is an infinite, perfect and glorious eternal being surrounding it and adding meaning and purpose, relationship and reason to it. Without such a being I find everything ultimately meaningless, fleeting and empty.

So, reason #99: Because I find life very empty without God.

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